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Winadrol has been discontinued, Anabolic Kreations VII is a much stronger product in this category.

Winadrol by CTD Labs is the latest addition to the ground-breaking series of sports nutritional supplements by U.S. based CTD Labs. The active ingredient, 5a- androstano[2,3-c] furazan-17b-tetrahydropyranol ether 50mg (50mg per tablet) is the demethylated chemical analog of a steroidal aromatase inhibitor used safely in Japan for decades called furazabol, which has a very similar effect/side-effect profile to stanozolol.

However, a very positive characteristic about furazabol is that in numerous studies, it has been shown to actually LOWER blood cholesterol levels and prevents arterial plaque build up 1-5.

Also, furazabol and its analogs have been correlated with less androgen receptor downgrade and cytosolic suppression than what is seen with testosterone and other androgens. But these characteristics are not the only things that make Winadrol special: Winadrol is unique in that it is not C17 alpha alkylated (it is not methylated). This non-methylated property inherently makes this potent compound substantially less hepatotoxic when compared to similar sports nutrition products including those currently on the market and many of those previously available.

In addition, Winadrol has an amazing “myotrophic inducing potential” when used alone but it can easily be added to a “stack” to improve the efficacy of other, similar products. With Winadrol a daily dose of 100mg is the maximum amount needed and many people are able to successfully use less than this amount to see exceptionally good results.

Winadrol contains the EXACT same chemical ingredient as found in Orastan-A™ — a product that was unfortunately never commercially available in the United States.

Thus, Winadrol offers many benefits over other similar but inferior products in this sports nutrition category:

Winadrol is non-methylated so liver and kidney toxicity is minimized.

Winadrol may be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels and could possibly play a preventive role with certain cardiovascular issues.

Winadrol actually minimizes Androgen Receptor downgrade to make your muscles even more sensitive to its amazing myogenic catalyzing effects.

Winadrol is a way to “add on” to your stack without seriously risking increased liver or kidney issues; Winadrol is a way to help keep cholesterol levels in check; and perhaps most importantly, Winadrol magnifies the effects of other compounds in this category due to its amazing effect on Androgen Receptor quantity.

Whether used alone as a cutting and shredding agent or stacked with other similar compounds to magnify and maximize myogenic and strength potential, Winadrol is clearly the most versatile and flexible compound ever seen in this segment of the sports nutrition marketplace.

Product Code: WINT177

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